Why Your Business Needs Branded Merchandise

Branded merchandise or promotional products are a powerful marketing tool – no wonder why big brands like Microsoft and Commonwealth Bank always have promotional merchandise ready to distribute!

Just take a look at your desk, fridge or drawers, and see how many branded merchandise you can find. You many even notice that you prefer a particular brand because you’ve loved what they’ve given you.

Here are our top reasons why you need Branded Merchandise for your business.


Be part of your customer or prospects life.

This is by far one of the most natural ways to incorporate your brand to your prospects’ day-to-day life. We live in an age where we are drowning in advertisement both on and offline, to the point where we pay to switch ads off.

So, what’s a good way to ‘advertise’ your brand without irritating your prospects?

  1. Who doesn’t love a free gift. Especially if it’s a valuable and useful freebie!
  2. Choose a useful product. A classic example is a high-quality pen. Have the goal to become your prospect’s favourite pen and it will be hard for them to forget you.


Promotional gifts aids in brand loyalty.

Show appreciation to your clients and they will be grateful to you. Sending promotional gifts is a seamless way to help create positive associations to your brand.

Studies have shown that customers who have been gifted are more likely to choose your brand over your competitors showing brand loyalty.


Build a strong relationship with your clients.

Promotional products help create meaning to your clients. By gifting them useful and valuable products, they’ll continue to view you as thoughtful and helpful.

This will invoke a long-term relationship that’s more personal. Imagine that your client walks into a meeting with your branded notebook and pen – that’s free advertising for you! And if your client is a true fan, they’ll happily recommend your services to their peers.


Maintain a positive relationship by rewarding your customers.

Don’t let your customers feel forgotten. Reward their loyalty and they will continue to be your biggest fan.

A great example of showing customer appreciation is to send useful products to celebrate your ‘anniversary’ with them. It demonstrates that you care and that you value their partnership.


Need a refresh on your branded merchandise? Or don’t have any promotional merchandise for your next event? Get in touch!