Rock the Campus with These Swag Ideas for Interns and University Recruits

Want your brand to make an impact the next time you go on a recruitment drive on campus? When it comes to swag ideas for college interns and students, you need to dial up the cool factor and choose items that are not only functional but also worth flaunting on social media. Gen-Z is all about being cool, and to reach out to them, you must embrace their ways.

Our team has curated and compiled some of the best swag ideas for you to win them over and it’s possible to achieve these goals without overstretching your budget



Branded Apparel

They love to look cool and will wear your gear for sure, brilliant designs and colours coupled with customisation options will make your brand the talk of the campus. Choose high-quality hoodies, sweatshirts, and tees from top brands like Nike, Next Level, AS colour and explore our other uber-cool apparel items, depending on your budget.

Bags & Backpacks

An integral part of everyday life and a necessity for life at campus. For books, for gym, your sounds, water bottle, lunch the list goes on. Where to start, a laptop bag or a backpack/weekend bag, we can present them all. Let us know your budget and we can show a huge range from local distributors to brands such as Nike, Caribee to Crumpler, we can access them all.

Check out our environment-friendly tote bags made from recycled fabric or our collection of stylish and functional backpacks that come in a rainbow of colours and designs. Pick your favourites and let our team put a personalised twist to them to make your brand shine.


We need water bottles; these have become a part of everyone’s daily routine and they are great for hot and cold beverages alike, so will be used all year around. A double insulated, copper vacuum bottle can maintain the temperature of the beverages inside for up to 48 hours or check out this hip gift box that comes with a customised tumbler and engraved water bottle for everyday use, we have you covered.

Writing Essentials

No intern swag kit would be complete without notepads and pens. And, with a little personalisation, these items can become powerful branding tools that create a lasting impression.

We could make this even more relevant for the interns and students, how about taking it a notch higher with products made with recycled and natural materials like bamboo and cork, these make an excellent addition to an already awesome New Starter package.

The interns and university graduates will bring excitement and energy into your business and with the right swag bag in place they will move seamlessly from new starters into wonderful new loyal work colleagues.

You can rely on our team at Arctic Blue to design swag items of the highest quality and branding potential to make your on-campus marketing a roaring success.