Swag Ideas for Businesses in the Health and Wellness Sector

Getting the choice of swag right is so important, it can not only increase brand recognition but can also help to drive brand messaging if its done well. If you’re a business in the health and wellness space, swag offers a great opportunity to tune in with customers and keep your brand front and centre of their attention. This is especially true now with the buzz around health, wellness, personal care, and hygiene being even more prominent.

By getting your swag strategy right, you can reach out to your prospects in more tangible ways than any other form of advertising. Studies show that people tend to remember and favour brands that have gifted them an item whether as a “thank you” or an incentive.

As we look ahead to a time when we start to enjoy a staggered return to normal life, here are some exciting swag ideas that can help health and wellness companies connect with their clients and employees.

swag ideas

Mood lifters

With many people working from home and having constant demands from our work and family, we would all love the opportunity to surround ourselves with items that could help our relaxation and calmness. Diffusers and candles are desirable for their mood lifting effects, with their calming scents. Stress relievers like this Flip and Click Pen are also a lovely addition to anyone’s desk at home and really helps with your concentration and relaxation.

For the people and the planet

These swag ideas show you care for both, it helps towards your brand becoming a part of the eco-friendly movement!

Items like silicone or stainless steel straws, reusable snack pouches, food wraps, to reusable drinkware like coffee cups, tumblers, vacuum insulated bottles and mugs, all made from the best food-grade quality materials, not only appeal to the eco-conscious consumers but also might help to encourage others to adopt a green lifestyle.

reusable drinkware

Blend of utility and aesthetics 

The utility and raw beauty of bamboo products like wireless chargers, journals and notebooks, and cutlery sets will instantly draw your audience in.

Tote bags made from natural materials such as bamboo, cotton, and jute are useful everyday items that will keep your brand name or logo in focus for a long time.

Music and meetings

Music and meetings

Our collection of headphones with built-in microphones make perfect gifts for these times. The recipients will appreciate the immersive music experience to beat the stress, while cruising through their Zoom meetings with crystal clear sound.

Supporting fitness

Supporting fitness

Smart bands and yoga mats can contribute to the health and wellbeing of your customer, encouraging the recipient to participate in various forms of physical fitness, helping them to plan their fitness initiatives, these are excellent additions to your swag bag ideas.

As you can see, wellness swag isn’t all about face masks and sanitisers. These creative swag ideas for the health and wellness sector include products that de-stress, protect, and provide daily care to recipients, while giving your brand the spotlight it deserves.

Get in touch with us for more ideas to customise your health and wellness swag strategy for maximum returns!