The Advantages of Giving Branded Merchandise as Corporate Christmas Gifts

Gifting customised, branded merchandise to your customers at Christmas and the holiday season is one of the best ways to express your gratitude for their continued support throughout the year.


This is not the only advantage of giving branded merchandise as corporate Christmas gifts. Read on to find out more.


Corporate Christmas Gifts Arctic Blue

Sharing Goodness

The Christmas holiday season calls for joy, cheer, and celebrations – gifts add to the positivity and will be well received at this time of the year.

This can be a sophisticated wine set for connoisseurs of wine or a beautiful picnic set hamper or a combination of these and some cool T-shirts and caps, you can never go wrong with branded merchandise as gifts.

Effective Marketing 

Gifting is always well received and if it is well branded, well thought out and is a gift that will be well used, in and out of the work environment, there is no better way of your customer showing their support for your company and products.

Its front of mind for your clients and will certainly leave a positive thought when they see the gift and your branding, it’s also great as other potential customers will also see the product and brand, what better way to market to your existing and potential customers for free.

Promoting Camaraderie

A sense of belongingness within a group promotes happiness and comfort with employees. It is good for improving team bonding and can help to enhance those personal relationship. Gifting your corporate employees makes them feel appreciated and increases their sense of worth.


Eco-friendly products, that are made with sustainable manufacturing practices, can ‘kill two birds with one stone’ Not only do they make great gifts, they also help to establish your position as a responsible corporate entity that takes environmental issues seriously.

A reusable face mask made from recycled plastic water bottles, shows the recipients that you are doing your bit for the planet. Masks are already a part of everyday life and when your custom branded logo is imprinted on these, they are set to create a positive brand image.

At Arctic Blue, we believe in delivering the highest quality promotional products, that can make a bold statement. Many of our products are made from eco-friendly materials with manufacturing processes that have a minimal negative impact on the planet. Browse our catalogue today!