Thoughtful Swag Ideas to Welcome Back Employees After the Lockdown

The world is coming back to life again. Businesses and industries are gradually reopening office operations after the extended lockdown period. Many employees will need to readjust from the working-from-home norm to going back to their cubicles and desks.

While it is a welcome break from the monotony of self-quarantine and solitary workstations there will a certain amount of uncertainty about going back to work safely and there will be mixed feelings about this transition.

Let a swag kit welcome back employees with cheer

The lockdown period had been challenging for everyone and for every individual there will have been different trials, perhaps financial cutbacks and limitations, resource crunches, increased responsibilities at home and the new stress on work-life balance, etc. How you welcome back your employees after a long period away can really set the tone for the coming weeks and months. A Welcome Back Swag kit will certainly show your commitment to making the transition as easy and welcoming as possible.

welcome back swag kit

Why a welcome back gift is important for employees now

Every business is working towards creating a safe space for their employees. They are implementing several measures to ensure proper working conditions and precautionary wellness. In many ways, this transition to a post COVID-19 work routine can make employees feel even more stressed about going back to the office and whatever steps you can put in place from the outset will make this transition more comfortable and will have long lasting benefits.

A thoughtful Welcome back gift can make this transition a lot easier in terms of making employees feel reassured that you are looking out for them and want only the best welcome back to the office.

Arctic Blue brings you some thoughtful swag ideas to help towards your team adjusting back to the office setting.

  • The essential post quarantine wellness kit that includes sanitisers and reusable face masks. Our array of sanitiser gels and pumps have various forms, that include carabiners, key rings, sticks, cards, and silicone case ensuring that they are always easily accessible.
  • Laptop backpacks that are hands-free and with ample storage to keep your belongings and help to lower the risk of contamination of their belongings.
  • A bright and colourful mouse pad with a lovely big welcome message to help brighten your employee’s workspace. There are a number of tech design options such as wireless charging ones
  • A handy little screen cleaner kit for sanitised and smudge-free gadgets.
  • A personalised tumbler or coffee mug to ensure we all get used to using our own drinking utensils in the office.
  • High-quality cooler bags to bring your lunches into the office and also to enjoy some outdoor BBQs or picnics.
  • Pamper your employees with technology tools that help them in there every day commute and all week long, such as cell phone accessories, wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers, or smart watches.
  • Help to sooth your employee stress with therapeutic stress relievers.

There is a certain amount of the unknown and there may well be some reluctance amongst your employees, you can set a positive tone. As a wonderful gesture of reassurance, a welcome back swag kit can help you do just that.

Need more ideas on how to extend a warm welcome to your staff? Get in touch with the Arctic Blue team today!