Swag Sites - Redemption & Company stores are the future

With flexible working arrangements and employees working from home becoming the norm, businesses need to find ways to connect directly to their employees and customers. Be it with Merch gift packs, staff uniforms, onboarding packs, or Customer Event “Thank you” Packs, you name it, it’s being sent. a

Our Swag Sites

Provide the perfect cost-effective, end to end tailored solution that engages with your employees & customers.

Can be personalised and set up within 24 hours with a bespoke range. Redemption codes can be emailable to 10 – 10,000 recipients instantly, giving the recipient choice over what they would like to receive & where.

What we do to make your Swag Site a success:

Build the Site

Design and build your customised company Swag Site that features as few as one or as many products as you like – It’s about creating Choice to drive engagement.

Provide unique Redemption Codes – Every recipient receives their unique code.

We can assign these codes to groups, allowing restrictions to be applied to those groups. They see and choose only what you allow them to see based on specific qualification.


Personal data captured is held commented per our Data Security Policy and is not shared with any party, including the engaging client. This provides confidence to your B2B Customers that you don’t know their details by participating in the Swag Site.

Inventory Management

Convenient, safe, and secure; you don’t have to worry about it. We order stock in advance or after the campaign closes to reduce wasted merchandise and overspent $$$

We Brand, Pick, Pack, Send and Track

Everything is tied together; we’ll provide regular reports and status updates.

Swag Sites are the future and are an essential tool when you want to connect your team andcustomers with your Brand. By being able to give them access to everything they need in a central location, you can show them they’re valued, taken care of, and a key part of what you’re building.

Ready to find out more?

Give us some information about your requirement and our experienced team members will help you build the perfect store, within your budget.